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Below left is a list of Card and Reader Manufacturers sold by DSX. Click on those ICONs to go to the respective websites. Below center is a list of the DVR/NVR companies that integrate with DSX. Below right is a list of Biometric and Visitor and People Management Companies integrated with DSX.

Card and Readers



Essex Electronics







Video Integration

The following is a list of DVR/NVR manufacturers that are currently supported by the latest release versions of WinDSX and WinDSX SQL. These drivers were operational when released but are not guaranteed to be compatible with current DVR/NVR revisions due to possible changes with the DVR/NVR. Please verify with DVR/NVR Manufacturer to assure current compatibility. The DSX Integration side does not change as new revisions to the WinDSX system become available. Revisions to DVR/NVR software and hardware could alter the operability between DSX and the DVR/NVR. Revisions and changes to the DVR/NVR drivers created by DSX are at the discretion of DSX and are limited by the availability and cooperation of the DVR/NVR manufacturer.

The DVR/NVR Integration feature must always be enabled in the Software features key purchased from DSX. The “DVR/NVR Drivers” in some cases will come on the driver CD furnished by DSX when the key is purchased, while others will only be available from the DVR/NVR manufacturer.

1 - denotes those drivers obtained from the DVR/NVR Manufacturer - Please check with the Manufacturer for current compatibility.

Avigilon http://www.avigilon.com/ -1

Cascadia Video Products, LLC Prowler Sentry  http://www.cascadiadvrt.com/ -1

Exacq Technologies, Inc. http://www.exacq.com/ -1

ExcaliburVision, Cofadis France  http://www.cofadis.com/ -1

HIKVision http://www.hikvision.com/  -1

Milestone http://www.milestonesys.com/ -1

NUUO VMS http://www.nuuo.com/ -1

ONSSI http://www.onssi.com/ -1

OpenEye http://www.openeye.net/ -1

Panasonic HD300 DVR http://www.panasonic.com/business/security/recorders.asp

Pelco API - enabled Digital Sentry products http://www.pelco.com/

Salient Systems http://www.salientsys.com/

Say Security Group USA LLC http://www.saysecurity.com -1

Sigmax http://www.sigmaxsecurity.com -1

Strand http://www.strandusa.com/site2/html/home.html -1

ViconNet http://www.vicon-cctv.com -1

VideoInsight http://video-insight.com/ -1

IP Camera - Any IP camera that can be viewed from Internet Explorer™

Note: All DVR units must be LAN/WAN capable to be compatible with DSX Access Systems, Inc. software.

DSX can provide a Software Development Kit to assist you in creating your own driver. Regardless of the origin of the driver, the DSX Video Integration feature must be purchased and enabled in the DSX Softkey for the integration to work.


Identity One is a global biometric solution provider whose solutions are tailored to Access Control, Time & Attendance, Electronic Key Management and Criminal Justice. Identity One now offers  a seamless interface with DSX. www.identityone.net/


Integrated Biometrics and DSX have partnered to seamlessly integrate the TRU650 biometric fingerprint reader with the DSX enterprise access control system. www.integratedbiometrics.com/  


Visitor Management

EasyLobby®, using Secure Visitor Management Solutions, has an integration module that seamlessly integrates WinDSX and EasyLobby's SVM (Secure Visitor Management) software


Jolly Technologies, using Lobby Track solutions streamlines the registration and credentialing process for a visitor who needs to be issued an access card. Selected visitors are simply assigned an access card and activated. Lobby Track automatically creates an account for these visitors in the DSX system and assigns the appropriate access level and expiration date.


Que Accounting Inc. is a long time partner of DSX and has developed several advanced applications that integrate with the DSX system. Advanced Applications include: Time and Attendance, Job Costing, Visitor Management, Gatehouse Management, Parking Garage Monitor and Count, Trackit Suite, Day Care Security, Session Attendance, and Inventory. www.queacct.com